Saturday, May 25, 2024

Storware Backup and Recovery 5.2 is Now Officially Available

Known for its robust integration capabilities, Storware Backup and Recovery 5.2 introduces a data protection service for brand new platforms. Recall that versions 5.0 and 5.1 provided support for MicroFocus, ScaleComputing, Rubrik, Wasabi and BackBlaze. The latest release of Storware Backup and Recovery expands this group with Virtuozzo with the SSH Transfer backup strategy (both full and incremental backups are supported), Azure Cloud, Azure Stack HCI, and Google Cloud Platform to better protect more ‘cloudy’ or ‘hybrid-cloudy’ environments.


  • Virtuozzo Hypervisor Manager support.
  • Azure Cloud support.
  • Azure Stack HCI support.
  • Google Cloud Platform support.
  • Support for installation on RHEL/Centos Stream 9.
  • VMware vCenter – Instant restore support.
  • VMware users will enjoy instant restore capability on the synthetic file system backup provider, especially that one can use it with live storage migration capability.

Hyper-V administrators can now also use the storage live migration option in the Instant Recovery window so that the data will eventually land in their storage while already being available. M365 users also will notice a significant boost in the backup process thanks to the optimisations in the core task workflow.

Storage configuration customisation during the restore feature has just arrived at KVM, Virtuozzo, and Huawei Fusion Compute station. And while we talk about storage, we can’t skip over the incremental backup capability for the OpenStack environments (now it is also supported in the Disk Attachment backup strategy with just cinder being used).

Microsoft 365 users will enjoy improvements such as the option to download contacts and calendars in vCard and iCalc formats. Note that lately, Microsoft updated their Teams APIs – but don’t worry, we always catch up, so it is supported in 5.2!

Also introduced is a brand new CLI which supports new syntax and bash completion – it will be available side by side with the old one until the next release.

We’ve also added support for RHEL/CentOS Stream 9 as the supported OS on which you can deploy Storware.


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