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StriveCast Embeds DRM Into P2P WebRTC Live Streaming with Irdeto and Qvest

Using streams protected by Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, and with assistance from systems integration partner Qvest Media, streaming pioneer StriveCast has proven the conformity of their streaming technology with digital rights management (DRM). StriveCast’s technology provides OTT platforms, streaming services, and copyright owners with easily scalable live streaming and reduced CDN costs while at the same time protecting copyright ownership and licensing rights.

In times of continuously growing volumes of transferred live content like sports events or online gaming, innovative and secure streaming solutions are facing a higher demand than ever before. To reduce the required bandwidth in content delivery networks (CDN), StriveCast’s technology builds a WebRTC-based peer-to-peer network between the users’ devices. The distribution of video content takes place within this user network which reduces CDN video traffic by an average of 75 percent.

StriveCast once again proves that the resulting reduction of costs fully complies with the protection of licensers and license holders. In collaboration with integration partner Qvest Media, the DRM compliance of StriveCast’s streaming technology was confirmed by testing encrypted streams that were protected using Irdeto’s multi DRM solution, Irdeto Control. StriveCast’s conducted analysis shows that StriveCast fully supports the required integration with DRM systems. Video segments that are shared over the user network are encrypted on the server-side. The same key that is applied for the encryption of the video is used for the decryption of the video. The user obtains the key after an anonymous authorization from the streaming platform, which enables a secure data exchange.

Alexander Schäfer, CEO at StriveCast: “We believe that DRM is a key component in every modern OTT infrastructure. Therefore, it was crucial for us to integrate StriveCast seamlessly with existing content protection mechanisms to ensure content security on every level of the OTT workflow.”

As a global distribution and integration partner, Qvest Media benefits from the jointly conducted DRM study as well: “Digital rights management is an essential element in controlling and protecting today’s business models and sensitive markets like sports licensing,” says Thomas Pister, Lead Solution Architect Cloud and contact person for StriveCast’s technologies at Qvest Media. “This is why we strongly supported and accompanied the DRM assessment since it guarantees an effective prevention of content copyright infringements in WebRTC-based P2P streaming for our clients from the sports, show, and event sections.“

StriveCast’s streaming solutions can be applied independently of the internal IT infrastructure. They can be seamlessly integrated into online platforms and native applications such as web apps, set-top boxes, or Smart TVs.

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