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Thursday, July 18, 2024

TVU Announces Critical Threat Defence for Broadcasters

TVU Networks has announced the first cloud-native, 24/7/365, critical threat protection solution for broadcasters.

TVU Networks’ Channel Ready is cloud-native innovation that enables broadcasters to run stations remotely from a single simple-to-use interface on a laptop or tablet. With Channel Ready, the operator can instantly control 100 percent of their stations’ upcoming live and prerecorded programming, commercial content, crawl capabilities, and captioning.

“We saw what happened with ransomware last year,” said TVU founder and CEO Paul Shen. “Broadcasters set up security protocols properly, and then, in an instant, complete and total loss across too many stations. Before and after that we saw stations sending people home because of Covid and variants. The problem of physical facilities needed to be solved.”

Television stations’ ability to continuously broadcast critical information has never seen the size and scope of the threats today. From airborne and computer viruses to social and political unrest, to legacy equipment wear and tear, ransomware, and wicked weather seemingly everywhere, the sound of the cell phone can be triggering for GM’s and GVP’s. Countless disaster recovery plans are immediately obsolete when facing both digital and physical disruptions.

Shen likens it to what he saw when he started TVU: “Millions of dollars were tied up in big satellite trucks, but there’s still no reliable way for anyone to go live from anywhere at any time when news breaks. TVU Networks’ live backpack was the solution. Now it’s the same thing with stations operations. There are lots of backup systems on site, and lots of redundancy. But we don’t have anytime/anywhere operational ability when the broadcast breaks.“

From there, TVU Networks’ TVU Channel solution was developed to serve as what Shen describes as: “Backup master control. Everything in TVU Channel can sync with a station’s MCO schedule and servers, so if anything goes down for any reason, Channel is a click of the keyboard and a secure login away from stations being back live.”

TVU Channel can relaunch a compromised station across all distribution platforms within two-five minutes from TVU Networks stand-by mode option or in as little as three seconds via the 24/7/365 always-on offering.


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