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Sunday, July 14, 2024

VSN Launches Metadata Rules Editor

VSN, a leading provider in media solutions for the broadcast industry, has announced a new Metadata Rules Editor. As the lifeblood of an effective MAM (Media Asset Manager), metadata creation requires a balance between the theories of best-practice database management/structure and the specific data needs and demands of individual users. The new module provides users with the structures of best-practice metadata management without them needing any knowledge of how to structure metadata themselves, and at the same time allows them to fully customise their metadata arrangements.

Highlighted at NAB 2022 (booth N.925), the new rule editor incorporated within VSNExplorer grants users the ability to engage with an intuitive, straight-forward programming language that allows them to organise and query their metadata in the way that is most meaningful to them, all the time supporting them with intuitive processes and error detection.

The second major addition to the core VSN range occurs within VSNCrea – VSN’s Broadcast Management System, which has been designed with remote HTML5 access and full VSNExplorer integration at its heart. Here, the Ad pricing solutions have been expanded within the new Commercials Module to allow for the assignment of price blocks at different times of day, the selection of Ad rate types (Fixed, Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Rating), and the direct exchange of this information with the commercial contracts on which they are based. Through the integration of these automation and accuracy-enhancement tools, VSN yet further extends the monetisation options available to users, maintaining a focus on delivering solutions that leverage the maximum possible value from an organisation’s content and advertising.


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