Wednesday, February 21, 2024

BirdDog Launches Fleet Manager Software

BirdDog has announced Fleet Manager, an all-in-one interface for monitoring all BirdDog devices on the network.

Fleet Manager makes monitoring, updating, and accessing all features of all BirdDog devices easier than ever before. All devices are automatically recognised and populated into Fleet Manager which then displays all relevant information about each BirdDog device, whether they be cameras or converters. This includes device status, IP address, NDI stream name, serial number, and firmware version.

With Fleet Manager, updating BirdDog devices is now simpler than ever. The interface displays an alert if a newer firmware version is available, and then updates the firmware, pulling from BirdDog’s website, and pushing direct to the BirdDog device.

Device status is also indicated and if a device does go offline, Fleet Manager’s Advanced Recovery mode can quickly identify and retrieve the device. Fleet Manager also allows convenient access to the BirdUI for all devices, giving an easy portal to all available configuration settings.

“Fleet Manager is something our users have been asking for, and we are super excited to offer it at no charge,” said Eamon Drew, BirdDog CMO. “Our users are our number one priority at BirdDog, and we are very proud of the way our company engages with our community to listen to their requests, and then deliver the tools they ask for.”

Fleet Manager is shipping in Q2, 2023 and will be available to download free of charge from BirdDog’s website.


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