Thursday, April 18, 2024

Cinegy Captures More with Cinegy Capture

Cinegy (NABShow Booth SL6031), the provider of broadcast software technology, has added more multi-format and multi-resolution ingest functionality to its real-time ingest application Cinegy Capture PRO with the release of version 24.1.

Cinegy Capture PRO is designed to meet the need for real-time video to be recorded reliably and securely, and at the same time made available across the business as quickly as possible. Multiple engines can be controlled from a common, intuitive user interface, setting up and controlling ingest from SDI, IP (e.g. SRT, MPEG-TS, ST-2110) and NDI. Proxies, multi-resolution and multi-codec productions versions alongside the raw or archive media format can all be created at the same time and stored locally or written to one or multiple remote locations, to avoid any kind of storage failures. Required metadata can be automatically generated and stored to the media asset management system. The enhanced facilities now simplify the management and control of many encoding engines as a gang, accelerating routine operations further.

Reflecting the growing interest in Ultra HD production, Capture PRO version 24.1 fully supports the latest high-density Deltacast SDI ingest cards, allowing more 6G or 12G-SDI UHD/4k video channels to be captured with smaller hardware footprint. Likewise, the new BlackMagic Decklink IP cards are now supported, adding another option to capture SMPTE ST-2110 video.

Users who have standardised on the Avid DNxHR file format will benefit from enhanced features, including full support for MXF Op1A. Capture PRO can also scale inputs down to 720p, and convert 10-bit Ultra HD colour to 8-bit, when encoding from full HD or UHD sources. Of course, simulcast encoding of multiple formats is possible here too. This is all done as computationally efficiently as possible.

“Live ingest, from SDI or from IP sources, is a central part of modern broadcasting, and with remote production growing in importance, many users need to bring in a lot of streams concurrently,” said Michael Zolotuskiy, Head of Development at Cinegy. “Capture PRO is already widely recognised as an extremely capable and practical ingest platform, not just capturing streams but performing all the necessary transforms and proxy generation to make them instantly available.

“Our continual development programme ensures that the functionality users demand is available and ready to use,” Zolotuskiy continued. “This release responds directly to the requests we hear from our users, like the ability to accept an MPEG-TS or NDI stream that does not comply with the capture engine settings and make the necessary adjustments to achieve successful recording. This is a typical example of our strong relationship with our users: they tell us what causes them problems in the real world, and we develop and deliver the solution.”

Cinegy Capture PRO version 24.1 is now available for all licensed users.


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