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Cinegy Demos New Ingest, Playout and Multiviewer Features at NAB2024

Cinegy, the provider of software-defined television technology for digital video capture, processing, asset management, and playout, is showcasing the latest enhancements to its ingest, playout, and multiviewer products at NAB 2024.

The Cinegy team is demonstrating a host of new features, derived from user feedback, that are designed to improve day-to-day operations for the broadcast and adjacent markets.

The recent updates within the Cinegy Air 24.1 playout platform deliver requirements for more security in operation, namely when it comes to preventing monitoring activities from unintentionally interfering with live output. An easy-to-access enable/disable setting in the Air GUI prevents operators from accidentally launching items or skipping them at the wrong time, for example.

Use of indicative colours makes the user interface more intuitive and secure, allowing operators to identify different categories of content in the playout timeline without needing to zoom in. Cinegy Air 24.1 now also incorporates the RossTalk protocol in the secondary event menu, making it easy to program switchers and routers from Ross Video. This allows operators to perform simple or sophisticated actions as part of an automated event, making the final output smoother and more engaging.

Also new at NAB 2024 is Cinegy Capture 24.1, the renowned Cinegy ingest platform that replaces the many ingest and transcode boxes and wires that used to be required to deliver this result in mixed-environment productions. This updated version improves the convenience and usability of the product, making it more stable, which will be of particular interest to broadcasters delivering live, high-value, high-stakes entertainment and sporting events. The number and brands of supported GPUs that can be used to offload encoding operations has been expanded by adding AMD and Intel GPUs support.

Capture gang control has been enhanced, allowing the group management of many recording engines with the click of a single button. Other features include: a reset error information function, the introduction of the “strict format” option for MPEG-TS and NewTek NDI sources, the ability to use the Avid DNxHR codec as a proxy UHD format with automatic downscaling to 720p resolution, as well as added support for DNxHR in MXF OP1a in the archive-based templates (added bit depth conversion from 10-bit to 8-bit for Avid DNxHR encoder and improved NDI reception stability). To round it off, Capture now also supports BlackMagic’s Decklink IP cards providing an additional way to ingest SMPTE ST-2110 video feeds.

Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 will also make its debut at the show. Meticulously fine-tuned, this release comes with a host of new features, bug fixes, and codebase-related optimisations.

These include support for AMD GPU acceleration, expanding the range of compatible hardware and providing users with greater power, choice, and flexibility with Intel GPU support on the cards for the next release. Also available is an NDI source tolerance mode, allowing users to monitor a broader range of sources, even those that deviate from industry standards; enhanced remote-control API to help users monitor their workflows more precisely; further GPU acceleration to optimize performance and efficiency, enabling users to maximize the power of their hardware. Blackmagic Decklink IP card support has also been added to Cinegy Multiviewer as one of the supported SMPTE ST-2110 devices.

“Cinegy can deliver 8k ingest, playout, and production on a laptop, including all the functions you can think of that used to require the connection of endless boxes,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “Nowadays, all that’s needed is a single optimized software pipeline on one CPU with a GPU as an accelerator. We have minimal latency from end-to-end. It’s just about providing enough hardware to make it happen and maximizing that hardware, which we can help you do. In a crowded market, our products leverage decades of in-house engineering, knowledge, and customer feedback to offer both power and cost-efficiency, which makes us unique.”

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