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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

DPA Showcases Versatile New Compact Shotgun Mic

DPA Microphones will highlight the standout features of its compact 2017 Shotgun Microphone at NAB 2024. From its durable construction and ease of use to its leading acoustical properties, the 2017 can capture the energy of any broadcast, AV or live event application. Measuring just 7.24 inches in length, the 2017 is more compact than many popular solutions, yet it still offers impressive technological features, including extreme durability, high directivity, clarity, and consistency for capturing authentic sound.

DPA has prioritised versatility with the 2017, creating an easy-to-set-up mic that is ideal for indoor or outdoor fixed or booming applications in live sports, news broadcast and location sound applications, as well as on a FOH boom or fly bar in venues during live events.

“Its flexibility, durable design and ability to withstand difficult environments or extreme weather make the 2017 ideal for broadcasters or live production professionals working in an array of applications,” says Helga Volha Somava, Product Management Director, DPA Microphones. “We built the 2017 to be a unique, all-purpose shotgun solution, and we look forward to showcasing it to our colleagues at NAB 2024.”

Designed to hold up to travel and repeated use in harsh environments, the 2017 can endure extreme weather and mechanical impact. The microphone persists in humid conditions and direct rain showers, as well as dry, arid environments. It has been tested for use in settings with temperatures up to 113°F with 90-percent relative humidity, and cold environments as low as -40°F. With a consistent ability to easily withstand the effects of moisture, the 2017 ensures that any broadcast or event can go live with incredible sound, no matter the setting or forecast.

Featuring a specially designed capsule that is perfectly paired with a cutting-edge interference tube and microphone grid, the 2017 offers outstanding performance, both on- and off-axis. It has a high degree of off-axis rejection, which permits the main source to stand out. This heavily attenuated off-axis audio is authentic and extremely usable for mixing into the entire soundscape. Audio professionals can now pick up accurate, clean sounds from even the most chaotic environments. For quieter locations, the 2017’s low self-noise promises an excellent performance and accurately captures the nuance of every sound.


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