Wednesday, June 7, 2023

EVS Launches XtraMotion 2.0

The latest version of EVS’ super slow-motion service can now be deployed on-prem, reducing turnaround time to approximately five seconds

As a result of this improved processing speed, productions can use XtraMotion not only on highlights, but also on live replays for real-time coverage. It offers greater flexibility as customers can opt for cloud or edge workflows based on their production requirements. Furthermore, generating XtraMotion on-premises also allows for the system to treat incoming source video as a ‘growing clip’, meaning that there is no limit to the length of the super slow-motion interpolated segment.

Since its launch in 2021, XtraMotion has become a popular tool for enhancing storytelling in productions and has proven to be particularly beneficial for use on cameras that cannot shoot in super slow-motion, such as pylon or in-car cameras. The XtraMotion rendering process can be applied on-demand to any production format, including 1080i, 1080p, and UHD-4K with HDR, and any original framerate. And with its innovative frame interpolation technology based on a patented EVS proprietary algorithm, the service consistently delivers superior quality results.

“We are very proud of our team’s hard work in developing an algorithm that produces visual content of unmatched quality”, said Olivier Barnich, Head of Innovation and Architecture at EVS. “The launch of XtraMotion in edge computing mode also presented a valuable opportunity for us to achieve real-time processing. By using the powerful GPUs of our long-term partner Nvidia, we were able to improve our algorithm’s execution speed, leading to an impressive 95 percent reduction in processing time!”

XtraMotion is seamlessly integrated with the EVS VIA ecosystem, making it easy for replay operators to clip content from anywhere on the network, render it into super slow-motion with a simple touch of a button on their LSM-VIA, and play it back with the desired frame rate seconds later.

FOX Sports was the first customer to adopt XtraMotion for its productions and was also the first to test the pre-released 2.0 version during the Super Bowl and Daytona 500 NASCAR earlier this year.

XtraMotion 2.0 is on show at NAB 2023, on the EVS booth N2147 in the North Hall.


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