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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Grass Valley to Showcase Live Production Solutions at NAB

Grass Valley, the provider of live production solutions, has announced its latest advancements at NAB Show 2024 (Booth C2308). Celebrating 65 years of innovation in production switchers and broadcast cameras, Grass Valley continues to set industry standards with its comprehensive range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of Media & Entertainment professionals.

At NAB Show 2024, Grass Valley will showcase significant enhancements to the LDX 100 Series broadcast camera platform and the K-Frame video production switchers. These improvements underscore Grass Valley’s dedication to continuous product evolution and its commitment to addressing the complex demands of live production environments.

LDX 100 Series: Elevating Broadcast Camera Technology

According to Grass Valley, the LDX 100 Series has set a new benchmark for broadcast camera systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and performance. The latest updates include:

  • Advanced HDR/SDR Operations: Integrated LUT processing in all LDX 100 series cameras ensures optimal HDR/SDR signal quality directly from the camera head and base station, reducing the need for external converters.
  • Improved Design for Enhanced Usability: Modifications to the shoulder pad, handgrip, and housing materials have made the camera lighter and more ergonomic, airflow optimizations have resolved previous heat generation issues.
  • Innovative High-Speed Shooting: New capabilities allow for 6x 1080p shooting with native UHD resolution of the live signal output, supported in both NativeIP and XCU base station operations.
  • Wireless Camera Version: A new camera model optimized for wireless operation paves the way for seamless integration with wireless transmission technologies and cloud-based production solutions.

K-Frame XP: Redefining Production Switching

The K-Frame XP series continues to be the first choice for high-profile live productions, thanks to its exceptional signal processing capabilities and versatility. The latest enhancements include:

  • Advanced IP I/O Cards: New generation IP I/O cards with JPEG XS encoding/decoding, supporting the most demanding UHD/HD and HDR/SDR applications.
  • UltraMatch Format Conversion: Enhanced format conversion capabilities with added HDR/SDR and 3D LUT transform functionality, simplifying the HDR/SDR workflow.
  • ClipStore II: A new generation of clip stores offering up to 4-channel recording and playback in UHD resolution, compatible with both IP and SDI interfaces.


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