Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hitachi Kokusai Now Shipping DK-H700 4K Box Camera

The Hitachi tradition of delivering exceptional visual quality and superior price/performance value for live production applications continues at the 2024 NAB Show, where attendees can see the now-shipping DK-H700 4K box camera for the first time. On demonstration at Booth C4516 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (April 14-17), Hitachi Kokusai’s next-generation box camera suits a variety of high-end broadcast, professional AV and government applications.

Shown as a reference display to NAB audiences last year, visitors to NAB Show 2024 will get a true sense of the camera DK-H700’s smooth operability, artistic capabilities and striking visual quality. The latter two benefits are amplified through the camera’s advanced digital signal processing and HDR support. The DK-H700’s design also includes 2/3-inch, RGB 3-chips, 8.3 million pixel each CMOS sensors. Collectively, these features add up to produce sharp and clear images with minimal noise, lifelike colour fidelity, and extraordinary sensitivity.

The DK-H700 is a multi-format solution that complies with ITU-R.BT-2020 wide colour gamut specs and operates within REC BT2100 High Dynamic Range standards. These allow content creators to produce independent programs in a dual workflow configuration for both HDTV and/or UHD SDI output formats. The new DK-H700 has also added a ¼ ND filter to be able to produce a shallow depth of field with iris opened, which will add to artistic value and reduce the Moire Effect on video walls. Providing the ability to produce shallow Depth of Field, while also having 2/3” Native Global Shutter sensors for maximum depth of field, offers the best of both worlds in creating a maximum artistic experience.

“This offers a versatile solution for customers across all of Hitachi Kokusai’s business verticals, and shines in studio-based news production, indoor and outdoor venues, and even brings a premium level of detailed reality to ophthalmology and other medical procedures,” said Kenneth Cyr, National Sales Manager. “We are excited to show our customers how the DK-H700 can play the lead role in their productions, or used to complement larger shoots when paired with our SK-UHD7000 Series of 4K/UHD cameras.”

Hitachi Kokusai will also demonstrate its SK-UHD7000 Series, including the now-shipping SK-UHD7000-S2 camera introduced last year. The SK-UHD7000-S2 is a multi-format camera with an affordable license option for 4K. This offers a lower initial purchase point for customers that want high-quality 1080p immediately and a field-upgradeable path to 4K.

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