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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Lawo Showcases Enhanced IP Platform Solutions at NAB2024

Lawo, the developer of IP video, audio, control, and monitoring technology for the broadcast and AV industries, is gearing up to unveil its latest innovations at the prestigious NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas (booth C4110).

Platform Approach

Given the rapid changes in the broadcast and AV sectors, Lawo has decided to dedicate a large chunk of its activities to providing operators with a unified platform that addresses the requirements users have today and in the future. The result of this approach is becoming increasingly clear: all Lawo hardware and software products gravitate around the HOME management platform for IP infrastructures, and third-party vendors are most welcome to join in. Centralising all processes, from discovery and registration, stream routing, parameter tweaks and configuration changes, user management, all the way to allocating license credits to where they are needed next provides operators with the flexibility, agility and speedy execution to shine in an increasingly hectic and budget-aware environment. All products listed below benefit from this next-generation platform strategy where each individual part complements all others.

HOME Apps – Revolutionary Server-Based Processing

At the forefront of Lawo’s showcase are the HOME Apps, set to take centre stage at NAB 2024. These cutting-edge applications, including HOME Multiviewer, HOME UDX Converter, HOME Stream Transcoder, HOME Graphic Inserter and the free Test Pattern/Test Tone Generator apps, leverage the power of a flexible microservice architecture. They deliver exceptional processing capabilities with minimal compute power and energy consumption, enabling customers to swiftly adapt to changing requirements and budget constraints. Lawo’s HOME Apps support SMPTE ST2110, SRT, JPEG XS, and NDI for increasingly mixed technology environments, ensuring instant integration with a variety of workflows. Operating seamlessly on standard servers on-premise, in remote data centres, or in the public cloud, Lawo’s HOME Apps redefine versatility in media processing. At NAB 2024, Lawo will usher in a new chapter for its HOME Apps offering — be sure to visit the Lawo booth.

Evolving .edge Hyper-Density SDI/IP Conversion and Routing Platform

Lawo presents a significant evolution in processing power for the .edge Hyper-Density SDI/IP Conversion and Routing Platform at NAB 2024. It has successfully proven that it is perfectly able to handle 8K workflows, and with licensable options such as proxy generation and JPEG XS compression, Lawo addresses bandwidth constraints, streamlining IP pipeline usage and optimising workflows directly at the source with so-called edge computing. In addition to the existing licensable options, the platform now provides JPEG XS encoding and decoding for high-density compression in remote workflows and bandwidth-sensitive applications. Lawo recognises the importance of standard or add-on SDI input functionality to ensure seamless integration of so-called baseband tools into a network built on an IP backbone. All of .edge’s add-on licenses can now be leveraged via Lawo’s Flex scheme. This includes the possibility to allocate free Subscription Credits originally purchased for HOME Apps to functionality that may be required for .edge units.

Empowering Live Productions with mc²/A__UHD Core/Power Core Platform

Lawo’s dedication to empowering live productions is showcased by means of the latest software release for the mc²/A__UHD Core/Power Core platform. Featuring flexible bus routing, expanded AUX count (up to 256 busses), QSC Q-Sys proxy integration in HOME, Remote Show Control via OSC, and more, Lawo sets a new standard for live performances, broadcast and AV applications. Additionally, NMOS support for the mc² Gateserver enhances device compatibility, facilitating seamless integration of third-party products into Lawo’s ecosystem.

Future-Proofing Radio Broadcast with Power Core

Lawo is on the brink of revolutionising radio broadcasting with upcoming Power Core features. With integration as a proxy in HOME 1.8, support for MADI front ports, and dynamic recognition of DANTE and/or MADI SRC cards, the Power Core delivers a seamless audio experience for both radio and TV applications and audio production scenarios. Combined with the V8 radio and Gateway V2.1 releases, the Power Core supports extended audio I/O capabilities via Audio IO Extenders (AIOX), GPI/O integration, and enhanced gateway configurations.

With a focus on adaptable processing power, enhanced IP pipelines, and empowered live productions, Lawo continues to shape the future of broadcast technology.


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