Sunday, April 14, 2024

Mocha Pro Adds SynthEyes 3D Camera Tracking

Mocha Pro, the planar tracking plugin for the film and video industry, has integrated SynthEyes’ blazing-fast 3D tracking into its toolset. The new feature enables seamless matchmove compositing, animations, and motion graphics creation within the well-known workflow.

“Today’s visual effects work includes a massive amount of CG content that needs to blend flawlessly with live-action. We’re excited to give the visual effects community at large access to the same 3D tracking algorithm that feature film matchmove artists rely on,” says Boris Yamnitsky, President and CEO of Boris FX. “Mocha Pro 2024 uses the raw power of SynthEyes 3D tracking in combination with our renowned planar tracking tools to deliver a simplified 3D tracking workflow to artists. It’s never been easier to camera solve right inside Mocha Pro.”

Boris FX will continue to develop SynthEyes’ high-end 3D camera solver application with expanded workflows and export options.

“By integrating SynthEyes’ industry-leading 3D tracking into Mocha Pro 2024, we’re offering Mocha customers a glimpse into its comprehensive feature set, which encompasses many calibration and tracking scenarios, including sophisticated geometry tracking, as well as 3D exports to your favourite application,” says Dr. Russ Andersson, creator and founder of SynthEyes. “I am thrilled to bring SynthEyes technology to a platform as esteemed as Mocha Pro, and can’t wait to share what we have in store for future SynthEyes releases.”

“As a long-time Mocha user and a huge fan of Mocha’s PowerMesh and SynthEyes’ camera tracking, this is a dream come true,” comments Jeff Kyle, Flame artist at Assembly. “I’m beyond excited to jump in and see how these new workflows will save the day on my quick turnaround Flame jobs.”

“I love how the PowerMesh conforms to the shape of an object after doing a 3D camera solve,” remarks Erik Borzi, MTI Film. “I appreciate how connected you are with the artists who use your tools. Thank you for all you do to help us do our jobs better!”

Mocha Pro 2024 Highlights

Mocha Pro 2024 adds a brand new version of the Camera Solve module based on SynthEyes’ core technology. The 3D camera solver has its own workspace views and navigation controls. Users can automatically detect, analyse, and solve 3D cameras with the flexibility of Mocha’s planar tracking tools. The roto-spline workflow makes it easy to subtract unwanted occlusions in a 3D camera solve. Mocha’s PowerMesh can track non-planar areas of the scene and build static 3D mesh data directly into the solve, ready for export.

Artists will work faster thanks to refined track and rotoscoping tools. New Linear and Constant keyframe options make stepped tracking easier with the ability to Skip or Step over frames while maintaining a proper track. If a track goes off-screen or behind another object, the new Extrapolate Track continues tracking based on previous frames.

Mocha Pro 2024 has significant under-the-hood updates to increase the speed and accuracy of tracks. These improvements include optimizations in Insert rendering (up to 15x faster), enhanced GPU tracking precision, and upgraded Python script performance.

The 2024 release adds USD (Universal Scene Description) format imports and exports, which promote seamless integration with major 3D applications such as Foundry Nuke, Blender, and Maya. Additionally, Mocha Pro 2024 delivers greater integration with Adobe After Effects. Artists can direct the generation of 3D cameras and nulls to complement After Effects’ 3D capabilities.

Attendees at NAB (Las Vegas, NV, April 14-17) can book a Mocha Pro 2024 demo in the Boris FX Meeting Room (SL9034) or visit the product team in partner booths: Dell (SL8065) and AMD (SL9099).


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