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NAB Show Panel Explores Shift Towards Audience-Driven Content

The future of the film industry is more democratic. That’s the idea behind a Main Stage panel discussion at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The team behind “Holy Smokes,” the winner of the Decentralized Pictures Kevin Smith Comedy Short Film Screenplay Award, will dive into the challenges aspiring filmmakers face and explore the groundbreaking shift towards audience-driven filmmaking. The panel features Decentralized Pictures (DCP) Co-founder Roman Coppola, and Actor Mena Suvari, followed by a screening of “Holy Smokes.”

“The 2024 NAB Show is all about embracing innovation and inclusivity, and the Decentralized Pictures panel aligns perfectly with those goals,” said Chris Brown, executive vice president and managing director, NAB Global Connections and Events. “This panel promises to shed light on fresh perspectives and explore how technology can empower new voices and engage audiences in exciting ways.”

Traditionally, breaking into the film industry required navigating a complex web of gatekeepers and insiders. Decentralized Pictures tackles this challenge head-on with a democratising approach that empowers audiences to actively shape the future of cinema. DCP’s passionate user community uses an “upvoting system” to show support for film ideas. Winning ideas are then financed by DCP and its partner network.

“DCP seeks to support and cultivate a new generation of talent, particularly filmmakers from underserved and underrepresented communities,” Coppola said. “We give them a chance to succeed and show the world the compelling and poignant films they’re capable of.”

The panel, “Decentralized Pictures and the Future of Fair and Transparent Filmmaking,” is set for April 14 at 4 p.m. on the Main Stage. In addition to Coppola and Suvari, panelist include Leo Matchett, DCP co-founder and chief executive officer; Michael Musante, vice president of production and acquisitions, American Zoetrope and co-founder and board member of The Decentralized Pictures Foundation; Liz Destro, producer, board member, The Decentralized Pictures Foundation; Gabby Fiszman, filmmaker, “Holy Smokes”; and, Isabella Ares, filmmaker, “Holy Smokes.”

Award Opportunity

DCP is partnering with NAB Show to increase access to the 2024 NAB Show through a new award that will empower those who might not otherwise have the chance to immerse themselves in the enriching experience of the event. Three recipients selected on the DCP platform will get Core Education Collection access passes, an invitation to attend a panel about the DCP experience and two nights hotel stay.

All are invited to apply for the award. To participate, individuals are asked to submit compelling pitches expressing why they should be selected for this award. All submissions will receive a free NAB Show Exhibits Pass, ensuring everyone who aspires to attend can be part of this valuable industry gathering.

Watch this video about the award partnership and apply here:

Submissions are due by March 15, 2024.

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