Thursday, September 28, 2023

NABiQ – Brainstorming Sessions on the Show Floor

What happens when uber-talented people like producers, engineers and only the brightest Gen Z students walk into a room? The ultimate fusion of networking and innovation. Meet NABiQ, a collaborative series of dynamic brainstorming workshops to take your skills to the next level.

One hour. Four challenges. Seventeen sessions. Invent solutions for pressing industry challenges, then pitch ‘em like a startup. At the end of each day, step on stage to share your ideas at the Pitch Session and Happy Hour! It’s fun, fast-paced and the perfect way to punctuate show floor discoveries.

There is one NABiQ challenge per show floor destination:

CREATE – Develop a creator-led next-gen approach for cine live productions. How to adopt the best of human vs machine-made cinema techniques in live production to ensure an empowered creator-led future of media?

CONNECT – Design the future of sustainable streaming. How to reduce carbon emissions from growing server demand while ensuring a seamless streaming experience?

CAPITALIZE – Create an enhanced immersive ad experience. How to create a new immersive commercial experience, leveraging AI or alternative reality to engage viewers beyond traditional ad formats?

INTELLIGENT CONTENT – Invent a personalized viewing experience that’s pure magic. How to unleash the full power of AI and data to create highly engaging, accurate and exciting content recommendations for viewers?


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