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Qwilt and Cisco Highlight Milestones for New Content Delivery Model

Qwilt and Cisco continue to demonstrate the need for a new model for content delivery with the rapid adoption of their joint solution by both service providers and content publishers worldwide. Together, Cisco and Qwilt have quickly reached milestones that demonstrate the high market demand for the solution and value it provides for the content delivery ecosystem.

Cisco and Qwilt – Key Milestones

  • Serving over one billion unique subscribers through content distribution and partnership agreements.
  • Deploying to over 150 service provider partners globally, including Airtel India, J:COM Japan, Telefonica Spain, Vodafone Turkey, and many more.
  • Exceeding 100Tbps of deeply embedded service provider edge network capacity to meet the increasing demand for content delivery and edge cloud services.
  • Proving the ability to improve re-buffering time by 55 percent, Time-To-First-Frame by 31 percent, Average Bit Rate (ABR) by 13 percent and Error Rate by 9.4 percent for live-streamed media delivery.

Qwilt + Cisco: Redefining the Future of Content Delivery

The joint solution, comprised of Cisco’s edge infrastructure and Qwilt’s Open Edge platform, provides Quality-as-a-Service content delivery by pushing content caching and delivery far out to the embedded edge of the carrier network. Service providers deploy Qwilt and Cisco’s Open Edge solution deeply within their networks and, by doing so, move content closer to their subscribers than any third-party commercial or private CDN. Content Providers, in turn, onboard quickly and use the Open Edge solution to deliver content closer to users, improving Quality of Experience (QoE).

The solution reduces the cost of building network capacity and substantially improves delivery quality to ensure service providers can scale for less while serving media and applications at the highest quality. The partnership allows any service provider to rapidly deploy, scale up, and create a foundation for future edge use cases. Importantly, content providers can easily onboard the solution through a single API that provides access to the global footprint of Qwilt-enabled service providers.

A key ingredient to Qwilt’s Open Edge platform is Open Caching – a specification Qwilt helped create within the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA). With Open Caching, the streaming ecosystem is aligned, bringing streaming platforms and service providers together to deliver content efficiently at scale with the highest quality. Qwilt leads the industry in commercialised Open Caching services.

“By combining state of the art technology and powerful go-to-market across Cisco, Qwilt and our ecosystem partners, we have built a global platform that delivers unparalleled performance and value creation in the content delivery space,” said Theodore Tzevelekis, Vice President, Business Incubation, Cisco Networking. “Together, we’ve created the foundation that’s enabling current and next-gen enterprise use-cases with the benefit of a global, consistent, edge cloud footprint, and the power that Cisco and our ecosystem can uniquely provide.”

“We are excited to share milestone achievements that improve the quality of delivery for a growing number of applications,” said Alon Maor, CEO and Co-Founder, Qwilt. “Open Caching has revolutionised content delivery for some of the largest global OTT and broadcast brands, and Qwilt’s game-changing contributions to software and cloud services have unlocked the potential of edge cloud services deep within service provider networks. Said simply, with Qwilt’s content delivery model, everyone wins.”

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