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Monday, May 27, 2024

AFP Launches Content API

The international news agency AFP, which has 201 bureaux in 151 countries, has launched its new API.
AFP Content API simplifies access to AFP’s real-time production and allows developers to innovate by creating their own custom-made applications.
Media, pure-players and businesses can now integrate AFP’s new API directly into their content production and editing tools or their mobile applications in order to access one of the world’s biggest sources of content.
AFP produces 5000 text and multimedia dispatches, 3000 photos, 100 videos, 80 infographics and video graphics daily, enriched with 640,000 pieces of metadata, all accessible via AFP Content API in the Agency’s six languages of production.
AFP says its Content API will reduce technical costs and development time for clients. Features include:

  • A simple and easily integrated RESTful API that is compatible with XML and JSON; and
  • A reliable service that requires fewer resources for development, integration, configuration, security and maintenance.

AFP says its Content API offers a better user experience, including:

  • Automated requests, downloads and publication;
  • Meta data-rich content and a powerful search engine; and
  • Faster editing and publishing on the client’s platform.

Go to to test the API, download the technical specifications and request a free trial.
AFP says it will offer long term free access to incubators and start-ups.

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