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AFP Represented at Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Awards

AFP’s multimedia exhibition, Venezuela: Collapse without end, is a video and photo account of the Venezuelan crisis since Chavez successor Nicolas Maduro came to power.

Venezuela, the country that boasts the world’s largest oil reserves, was plunged five years ago into an unending political conflict whose repercussions are being felt across the world. The worst crisis in the nation’s recent history has led to food and medicine shortages, hyperinflation, increased crime levels, and a meltdown of the economy, basic public services and human rights, sparking violent demonstrations and the unprecedented exodus of more than 10 percent of the population.

In parallel with this exhibition, the evening of Friday 11 October was devoted to International Correspondents’ coverage of ‘Venezuela between Civil War and Cold War’. Sponsored by SCAM (French Civil Society of Multimedia Authors), this event will include presentations by a video journalist from AFP’s Caracas bureau,Yorman Maldonado, and Mehdi Lebouachera, Editor-in-chief of AFPTV.

The work of AFP photographers will also be on display in the group exhibits:

  • Afghanistan, the world’s battlefield, a vast retrospective in partnership with the WARM Foundation, depicted in images going back as far as 1978, of which a third are the work of AFP photographers.
  • Gaza: A people on the edge, is a collective exhibition by Doctors without Borders featuringthe work of nine photographers including five from AFP. Mahmud Hams, last year’s winner of the Bayeux-Calvados Award in the Photography category, were among them.

For the third year running, the Bayeux Award, in partnership with AFP and Nikon, offers high-school pupils from Calvados the chance to meet a photojournalist and discuss the View of 15 Year Olds photo selection. From AFP’s selection of 20 images depicting world news from the last 12 months, more than 11,000 year 10 pupils voted online for the shot which, in their view, best symbolises the world of today.

This year’s View of 15 Year Olds Perspective award went to Alexander Grir for his photo of hungry polar bears at a landfill site in a military zone in northern Russia.

“Will we have to get used to these wandering polar bears, starving, rummaging in the garbage? These incursions happen more and more in northern Russia, as their habitat and food supply degrade by climate change and ice melting. We saw a bunch of them nearby cities this year, like in Norilks where one wandered there during several days,” highlighted Marielle Eudes, Photo Director at AFP.


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