Thursday, May 23, 2024

Autoscript WinPlus-IP Delivers Prompter Control and Workflow Efficiency

Autoscript has launched a new version of its WinPlus-IP software that delivers the ability to set up, configure, group, and control all aspects of a prompting system from within the application. WinPlus-IP is the engine for Autoscript’s Intelligent Prompting product range, the broadcast industry’s first completely IP-enabled teleprompting solution.

“This latest release introduces a whole new set of capabilities for remote device and show management that will help broadcasters improve efficiencies, save time on the studio floor, and enable fast and smooth transitions between different show segments,” said Robin Brown, product manager at Autoscript.

Brown continued, “As an increasing number of our broadcast customers choose to upgrade to our Intelligent Prompting software, controllers, and monitors, we continue to increase the levels of integration and control between each of those elements to further enhance the benefits of the system as a whole.”

WinPlus-IP’s enhanced device management enables complete remote control of on-camera units including prompt and talent monitors, with the ability to set image parameters (brightness, contrast, and colour temperature), image orientation (vertical/horizontal flip), and input configuration (prompt and talent monitor video routing, picture in picture, picture by picture). All parameters are displayed by the WinPlus-IP software and, in a first for the industry, can be copied and pasted to additional units for easy replication of teleprompter display settings as required by the talent.

With WinPlus-IP’s new configuration tool, users can link all the elements of their prompting system to create the desired setup for a specific show. For example, they can select controller positions, monitors, run orders, and presenter settings, or they can create studio configurations with grouped devices for easy selection. They can even create prompter settings for different segments, such as weather, to be applied mid-production. Switching between setups is as simple as a single click, with configurations libraries exportable to other WinPlus-IP applications.

These new features are now available as standard in WinPlus-IP, bringing powerful new efficiencies and flexibility to the setup, configuration, deployment, and operation of Autoscript’s prompting equipment.

Autoscript is currently offering a trade-in program for customers interested in upgrading to Intelligent Prompting from any prompting solution.


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