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Monday, July 22, 2024

Bangladesh's News24 Streams Live with Sony

Bangladesh’s News24 thrives on innovation and speed. The 24-hour channel launched in 2016 has quickly become one of the key players in Bangladesh with its impartial news coverage and current affairs programmes.
To stay ahead of the competition, News24 which is part of the East West Media Group, has embraced wireless live streaming to enhance its production workflow and programming capabilities.
“Bangladesh is in transformation mode,” said Abu Ali Farmidi, Manager, Broadcast and Engineering, News24 (pictured). “Our wireless connectivity across the country is improving. Mobile operators are rolling out 4G progressively and this has given us the confidence to step into the wireless world of live streaming.”
After careful consideration and field tests, the station purchased Sony’s wireless workflow-enabled PXW-X70 XDCAM camcorder, as well as the PWS-100RX1A and PWS-110RX1A Network RX Stations.
“We evaluated other brands but Sony stood out because it offered a complete wireless ecosystem – Wi-Fi 4K-ready XDCAM camcorders, dependable Network RX Stations and Sony’s unique and cost-efficient QoS wireless technology,” Farmidi explained.
Sony’s PWS-110RX1A Network RX Station provides News24 with cost-efficient live streaming of 1080i video and audio direct from the PXW-X70 XDCAM camcorder using 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks.
Sony’s PXW-X70 is a palm-sized camcorder packed with all the network functions including QoS Streaming or MPEG2-TS for higher quality transmissions of 1080i over 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi without the glitches or dropped frames typical of other streaming solutions. It also provides Wi-Fi/NFC (Near Field Communication) with Content Browser MobileTM software. The PXW-X70 is part of Sony’s commitment to make wireless workflow a standard feature in XDCAM camcorders.
A key advantage of Sony’s Network RX Station is that they can simultaneously control two SDI outputs: these can be used to live stream from two locations at the same time. Multiple systems can be added for greater input and output loads.
“Bangladesh has a big rural population. Instead of investing in expensive OB vans to expand our reach, Sony’s wireless live streaming gives News24 a cost-efficient route to capture events as they unfold and broadcast excellent HD content within seconds,” Farmidi added.
Beside its wireless workflow functionality, News24 selected the PXW-X70 XDCAM camcorder as it can easily be upgraded to shoot in 4K. Although News24 is a long way from broadcasting in 4K, the station saw it as an investment for the future.
“Sony played a crucial role in helping News24 get off the ground. Our new wireless live streaming has redefined our ENG capabilities and will give us an edge in the ever-changing media scene in Bangladesh,” Farmidi concluded.

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