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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Cision Releases 'State of the Freedom of the Press' Special Report

Cision recently released never-before-seen insights in their latest report – ‘State of the Freedom of the Press: A Cision 2019 State of the Media’ Special Report. The report uncovers journalists’ concerns around safety, freedom of the press, trust in the media, and much more. Among the key findings is 49 percent of journalists globally believe the freedom of the press has deteriorated in their home countries.
Earlier this year, Cision released its 2019 State of the Media Report, which surveyed nearly 2,000 journalists from 10 countries around the world. Cision conducts this report annually to learn about the main issues facing the global media industry, and how PR and communications professionals can better work with their journalist counterparts. With today’s release of the State of the Freedom of the Press special report, Cision is revealing new insights from that survey that have never before been shared with the public.
Despite continued attacks on the media, the report highlighted a hopeful undertone. While 69 percent of US journalists felt that the public lost trust in the media this year, that number is actually down from 78 percent in 2018, indicating a shift in perception and attitude. Despite continued attacks on the media and efforts to weaken freedom of the press, 65 percent of journalists around the globe don’t feel they’ve had to change their tone or language in the last year.
“These insights prove that despite ongoing challenges in today’s media landscape, journalists believe that they’ve been able to build back trust with the public without compromise,” said Kristen Sala, Cision’s Senior Director of US Media Research. “The media plays a pivotal role in helping PR professionals get their messages out to the public. Therefore, it’s up to the PR industry to continue to help strengthen that relationship by supporting journalists with legitimate data and evidence, along with valuable information and unique ideas.”
Survey responses also reflect how perceptions of freedom of the press can differ greatly from country to country. Only 41 percent of Canadian respondents reported a deterioration of freedom of the press in their country, while 67 percent felt that way in Brazil. 57 percent of U.S. journalists have felt a deterioration.
See the entire report here.

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