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Thursday, May 30, 2024

CueScript Starts the Conversation with CueTALK Cloud

CueScript is bringing the cloud to IBC 2023 with its CueTALK Cloud, allowing CueiT- and CueTALK-enabled devices to now communicate anywhere there is an internet connection. CueTALK Cloud will be highlighted at IBC (Stand 11.D10).

This new cloud offering is designed to allow CueScripts’ prompting software CueiT- and CueTALK-enabled devices, which feature the latest in IP connectivity, to communicate over WiFi. This brings an enhanced level of flexibility to users working in remote locations.

CueTALK Cloud can serve as a VPN replacement solution for customers who do not want to, or for whom it is not feasible to, connect a VPN service between remote prompting locations. This opens the door for accurate teleprompting anywhere there is an Internet connection and is great for prompting on-the-go. CueTALK Cloud allows controllers and prompt devices to be accessible via the cloud using a standard public internet connection. It is also designed to align CueiT to be more user-friendly and easily set up between local and remote applications.


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