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EditShare Flow 2019 Extension 3 is Here

EditShare recently announced the availability of Flow 2019 Extension 3, adding support for newsroom and multicamera workflows. The software-defined media asset management (MAM) solution, which was released in September 2018, simplifies media sharing and collaboration with embedded production tools to track, search, retrieve, edit, and automate media and media processes across on-premise and cloud-based storage solutions.

EditShare’s rapid-fire release schedule has quickly expanded the Flow 2019 capabilities to support a wider range of customer workflows including the latest update which connects newsroom computer systems (NRCS) from Avid, Dalet, ENPS, and Octopus into the overall content production process.

“EditShare news customers can link their NRCS to the production and storage systems via Flow 2019 Extension 3, providing journalists better access to content with tools to quickly package a news story at their fingertips,” comments Matt Sandford, Flow Product Manager, EditShare. “The seamless integration across the workflow allows news teams to stay connected to all aspects of the newsroom via Flow 2019, increasing the overall efficiency of creating and distributing news stories and highlights.”

With support for MOS protocol in Flow 2019 Extension 3, journalists can create placeholders, craft stories and send for approval and distribution without having to jump from one application to another. Based on assignments from the NRCS, news clips are automatically created in Flow 2019 as sequence placeholders with news content edited in the Flow Story module and pushed to the NRCS when final. Flow 2019 automatically alerts the NRCS that the news clip is ready for distribution. Sandford adds, “Flow 2019 Extension 3 makes it easy for journalists to see the entire picture. Placeholder sequences can be created in bins named for a particular news bulletin. This means staff can have a view of all the news bulletins and know exactly which ones need to be assembled.”

In addition to adding news, Flow 2019 Extension 3 expands editing functionality to include the multicam technology developed for Lightworks.

“Flow Story is all about editing beyond the confines of the facility.  Adding support for multicamera expands the types of productions you can edit remotely,” states Matt Hallin, Video Group Technical Director, EditShare. “And what’s unique about the Flow Story’s multicamera functionality is its ability to not only edit multicamera content but track the assets and associated metadata within the MAM environment.”

Flow 2019 Extension 3 new multicam editing capabilities allow multiple clips to be quickly synchronised using timecode or audio waveform, and then played concurrently for convenient reviewing and logging. Sequences can be built conventionally, or by making a “live” edit from the playing sources, and sequence segments can be instantly swapped for alternate angles at any time.

Hallin concludes, “Flow Story also has the flexibility to allow sequences to be used in a multicam group, making it simple for editors to deal with footage from cameras that were stopped and started during a recording. Multiple clips from a single camera can be automatically stitched back together into a single sequence ready to use without the need for rendering or any time consuming manual alignment.”

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