Thursday, April 18, 2024

Etere Launches the Etere Studio Player

Etere has launched a new addition to the Etere MAM solution, the Etere Studio Player. Oriented to fulfil the needs of studio or news production, it allows users to manage multiple playlists simultaneously.

A brand new addition to the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) system, users can now prepare for both live and pre-recorded studio broadcasts with just one system. Fully integrated with the MAM workflow, the Etere Studio Player streamlines the broadcasting process for users when the files, and output are interlinked.

Etere Studio Player is a customisable application that has been optimised to work on touchscreens, with finger-friendly controls. It is connected remotely to all devices in the control room, and can be managed as such, including: video and audio switcher, light mixer, VTRs, playout, title machines, generic GPI devices, and multiviewer. All the functions of the linked devices can be used on a ‘shortcut panel’, through full device panels, through the scripting language, or fully automated. The communications with devices are full duplex so each command has a real time feedback. The main interface can be composed with all main features of each device for the sake of convenience.

The user friendly interface and full interoperability allows for a streamlined workflow that enables users to switch feeds instantly whenever necessary.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional as a studio player, the insertion of advertisements for live news and studio broadcasting.
  • Flexible configuration options.
  • Scalable architecture, highly adaptable with changing needs.
  • Distributed architecture and highly fault resilient.
  • Prepare multiple advertisement lists for different scenarios.
  • Live logging and highlights creation.
  • Multiplatform distribution.
  • Show management and studio production.
  • Multicam ingest capabilities.
  • Monetisation opportunities.
  • Control room automation combines video and audio switcher, Lights mixer, Multiviewer, Plauouts, VTRs, Generic GPI devices, Titles, etc inside unique interface.
  • Live content inventory.
  • Touchable Interface.
  • Full remotely access to controls room devices, directly and automated.
  • Easily deploy run-down over your predefined format.
  • Record direct actions and save on custom-functions.


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