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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Flowics Expands Support with Assets Library for Flowics Graphics

Flowics has announced a major new feature for the Flowics platform – the Assets Library. The Assets Library is a new cloud-based repository for all creative assets, integrated into the Flowics platform giving distributed teams a common place to store and share the assets in their Flowics Graphics projects, thereby improving the workflow and increasing collaboration for users working remotely.

Graphics teams usually have an assortment of assets they use repeatedly, such as background images, image sequences, animated logos of a show, or a collection of country flags or sports players that are used across different graphics packages. With the Assets Library, graphics artists using Flowics can upload their files once, reuse them anytime, share with their team, or share with external collaborators with granular control of permissions. It eliminates the need to upload the same file over and over when building graphics with Flowics and the need to use complementary tools from third parties to centralise creative assets.

Based on the success of initial beta testing with select customers, the first release of the Assets Library will be automatically enabled for all Flowics Graphics users right before the 2022 NAB Show. Flowics will make the feature available for customers of the Second Screen and Middleware modules in a future release. Storage limits for the Assets Library will vary by subscription plan.

“With the new Flowics Assets Library, creative and production teams will no longer need to share their assets through external tools. Now, all collaboration happens directly in Flowics. The result is a streamlined workflow and better management, control, and visibility of the assets across all of their projects,” said Flowics CEO and founder, Gabriel Baños. “This is in line with our vision of equipping producers with the best tools to streamline their productions and allowing all team members to collaborate remotely in a cloud environment.”


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