Monday, April 22, 2024

Mediability Build Story-Centric, Cloud-Based Newsroom

Mediability, the Nordics’ largest professional equipment reseller and systems integrator to the broadcast and media industry, has been selected by Danish regional TV station TV 2/Fyn to build its new journalist-centric, fully cloud-based newsroom.

The complete solution brings together the latest cloud-based technologies – including AI-powered production asset management platform Mimir from Mjoll, storytelling and publishing tool DiNA by 7Mountains, and Vimond Media Solutions’ video editing system, Vimond IO – to enable TV 2/Fyn’s  journalists to create, manage and publish their stories faster across multiple media and social platforms.

Michael Jensen, Head of Technology and Production at TV 2/Fyn, explained the rationale behind replacing its traditional newsroom system and building a brand-new cloud-based newsroom operation from scratch. “The way audiences are consuming news is changing rapidly. Today there is no one-size-fits-all news consumption model. Different people want different information, from different sources, at different times and for different reasons. As a forward-thinking broadcaster we have to continuously innovate to stay relevant, and stay ahead of these societal changes.” This includes harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to simplify traditionally complex and time-consuming newsroom tasks.

He added: “Our philosophy at TV 2/Fyn has always been to put journalists and storytelling first, and technology second. The technology should be there as an enabler: to support our journalistic team and make our storytelling workflow as flexible and efficient as possible. Our key requirement was for an integrated cloud-based operation where the media workflow works hand-in-hand with the editorial organisation – to enable our journalists to remotely access, view, gather and organise all the media assets and metadata for their stories in one place. And of course the financial benefits of having no on-premise systems and no long-term capex investments will give us the ability to scale as and when we need to.”

Mediability’s Chief Technology Officer, Ole Johan Skogheim, said, “Broadcasters typically replace technology on a system by system basis. But that approach is fundamentally flawed as it means underperforming legacy systems remain in place, which often restrict the huge potential for new and smarter web-based media workflows.”

He added: “It’s great to work with an enlightened organisation like TV 2/Fyn, whose vision to put journalist storytelling above everything else will enable it to simplify its news production and publishing workflows and create a totally integrated and efficient cloud-based newsroom operation.”

Jensen summed up: “We’re looking forward to the freedom our new cloud-based newsroom will give our journalists. Trust in suppliers is everything when developing a brand-new media workflow. With Mediability’s vast experience of systems integration, underpinned by the latest AI-powered, cloud-based technology from Mjoll, 7Mountains and Vimond Media Solutions, we know we are in safe hands.”


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