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Friday, June 14, 2024

Safe&Sound Ukraine Helps Ukrainians in War Zones Communicate

Understanding the undeniable power of voice, the global filmmaking and sound engineering communities are rallying around Safe&Sound Ukraine initiative to provide encrypted walkie-talkies and satellite phones for Ukrainians in disaster zones cut off from communication. The urgently needed devices will help coordinate medical, evacuation, and defence needs.

Safe&Sound Ukraine is co-founded by Xenia Vinogradova, a production sound mixer in Kyiv, who stays in her homeland and documents the war realities with filmmaking crews while organising humanitarian help. She says: “In these terrifying times values get simpler and clearer, and people who act out on their best values – become saviours. By raising your voice and lending a helping hand you support us Ukrainians in the darkest days, and with you, we’re not afraid to go on. I would like to thank each partner and donor from the name of our team. We work hard to make it all happen, and we’re happy to see the first good results.

With its growing list of global manufacturing partners and support from individuals and organisations all over the globe, (including the LA Sound Mixers community, Gotham Sound, K-Tek, and Lectrosonics companies, as well as non-profit United Help Ukraine) Safe&Sound Ukraine hopes to raise funds for the encrypted digital devices.


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