Monday, April 22, 2024

Shutterstock Launches The Newsroom

Shutterstock, Inc. has launched The Newsroom, a resource for newsrooms which sees Shutterstock working directly with news teams to package key trending stories, archival and UGC content, to help global clients “tell the story behind the story”.
The Newsroom connects Shutterstock’s established team to news teams, editors, journalists publishers and broadcasters to a “concierge service” for access to exclusive premium content.
“The Newsroom leverages the expertise of world class editorial professionals to deliver breaking and trending news via photo, video and packaged collections directly to the inboxes of today’s leading media and broadcasting networks globally,” said Jamie Elden, Chief Revenue Officer at Shutterstock. “We want our customers to be at the forefront of breaking news content, and the time is now. Our clients are looking for turnkey news stories that they can amplify across their platforms to maximise moments of engagement.”
Shutterstock has also created a dedicated Newsroom team with a combined 50-years of experience across newsroom management, contributor
management, and social strategy. The team includes Editorial Director of The Newsroom, Aaron St Clair, a former 17-year veteran of Splash/Corbis, where he led the internal team, and managed hundreds of freelance photographers and videographers; Timothy Plant, who managed newsrooms at
Hollywood Life, OK!, Star and InTouch, Sascha Weis, Global Head of Newsroom Partnerships and Sales, who was previously General Manager of  Splash/Corbis; and Mike Mandel, Amanda Elmslie, and Kate Brooks, who collectively have over two decades of experience as account managers for publishers, photo agencies and newsrooms.

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