Wednesday, April 17, 2024

SiennaLink RemoteMonitor for Remote Editing Using SRT

SIENNA has announced SiennaLink RemoteMonitor – cross platform software which unlocks the potential of remote-edit workflows by delivering a full raster, full frame rate remote view of NLE systems’ confidence video output, even from thousands of miles away.
Drawing on experience and technology from Sienna’s Cloud for NDI Product, RemoteMonitor provides a simple video link between NLE system and remote editor, rather like a ‘Teamviewer’ or ‘Teradici’ connection – but rather than the NLE GUI, RemoteMonitor presents a full raster, full frame rate video stream. Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid MediaComposer and any other NDI source, RemoteMonitor is equally happy sending from cloud based systems like AWS & Azure, or simply providing a remote ‘over-the-shoulder’ view for clients of post-production facilities in a different geographic location.
“Remote Editing, whether on-prem or in the cloud has become an important part of a new broadcast and post landscape,” said Mark Gilbert, CTO: Gallery SIENNA. “Whilst tools like Teradici have allowed editors to control their software smoothly from remote locations, they have always been missing one vital thing – the full raster confidence monitor they depended on in their craft-edit suites. RemoteMonitor restores this capability – delivering a low latency, full raster, full frame rate relay of the NLE’s confidence output.”
RemoteMonitor is shipping now and runs on macOS, Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux. It is available through Sienna’s global network of approved systems integrators.

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