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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Stringr Updates Remote Video Sourcing and Production Platform

Stringr has announced the latest version of its SaaS solution, the Stringr Remote Video Sourcing and Production platform. The end-to-end platform connects media companies with instant access to custom video footage, remote production software and limitless video distribution options.

New features include:

  • Engage: Stringr Engage simplifies how broadcasters can source video from their communities. Instead of searching for user generated content on social media, asking for permissions and then waiting for the high-resolution original video to be shared, media companies can simply create an Engage request for any video content and share it publicly with their audience – onscreen with a QR code or on social with a link – so anyone can contribute video. Videos are instantly added as an asset to edit, share, or use for live broadcast.
  • Remote Guest Interview: The Stringr platform now includes a feature that makes it easy to get HD recorded and live interview content from remote guests and commentators. Simply send the link and guests can join instantly. Instead of looking like a standard video conference, the host and guests are all individual feeds to switch between for live broadcasts or edit together later for a dynamic looking interview.
  • Remote Commenting: The Stringr platform already includes feature-rich video editing and production tools, but now also has remote, frame-level video commenting to collaborate and get feedback in real-time from anyone on the team, no matter where they are located. Stringr integrates these comments with our cloud-based editing tools so there is no need to change between multiple applications and programs. All assets from the original raw video to the final produced piece are all located in one place, so there is no more searching for different versions.


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