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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Subject Matter Experts and Interview Guests

Journalists, freelance writers, podcasters and event managers now have a new source of industry insiders, to get information, interview guests and soundbites from a more diverse range of subject matter experts.

ContactsBook.Media has a catalogue of hundreds of experts in financial services, big tech, fintech, pharmaceutical, agri-business, property, transport and logistics industries, as well as authorities in the fields of research and development.

The portal helps media find experts more efficiently. Almost all of the contacts are senior executives in Asia, and include many women. This caters to the increased demand for gender diversity and more female voices in the media and women speakers at conferences.

Journalists’ media requests are matched to qualified spokespeople using two distinct search bars:

  • Questions – Journalists send questions once for a specific area of expertise. All experts who match that area of expertise are invited to respond. This saves time by not having to find and call multiple experts to ask the same questions over and over. Journalists can ask follow-up questions, or contact experts who respond.
  • Interview invitations – Journalists send interview invitations by name, expertise, company, location, or media.

The aim is for journalists to receive multiple answers within a matter of hours, to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

The platform also provides background briefings by industry insiders on hot topics, and those subjects which are frequently misunderstood.

Another feature is News Explorer, which allows reporters to call up a graphic representation of how events, people and companies are interlinked.

The site is free for journalists, freelance writers, podcasters and event managers when they sign up at ContactsBook.Media (click ‘Register as a Journalist’).


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