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Summit to Showcase Tech Applications in Digital Journalism

The latest digital journalism trends, innovative technology-based initiatives and digital newsroom projects will be presented at Digital Journalism 2019, 7-8 October, Singapore.
This summit will feature many icons of industry, digital journalists who have given the news world a different take on news reporting and engagement with readers. This is an industry summit with participants from various news media organisations and related technology companies.  
Presenters include:

  • Hannah Sarney, Deputy Head of Audience Engagement, Financial Times, UK.
  • Kourtney Bitterly, Lead, R&D Group, The New York Times, USA.
  • Tammy Gur, Head of UX&D at BBC XR & New Experiences, BBC, UK.
  • Yonden Lhatoo, Chief News Editor South China Morning Post (SCMP) Hong Kong, China.
  • Shea Driscoll, Social Media Editor, South China Morning Post (SCMP) Hong Kong, China.
  • Mike Raomanachai, Bangkok Editor, Tech360TV, Thailand.
  • Alyssa McDonald, Head of Digital, Asia, Bloomberg, Australia.
  • Brett McKeehan, Director, CNN Digital Asia.
  • Adith Charlie, Managing Editor, India, LinkedIn, India.
  • Farhan Mustafa, CEO, Grafiti Inc, United States.
  • Reta Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Lifestyle, SEA, Verizon Media, Yahoo!
  • Robyn Vinter, Editor-in-Chief, The Overtake, UK.
  • Janie Octia, Strategic Partner Manager, APAC News, CrowdTangle, Facebook.
  • Michael Kearns, VP International Digital and Strategic Partnerships, CNBC.
  • Asha Philips, International News Lead, Facebook, Singapore.
  • Jacqui Hocking, Founder & CEO,
  • Angie Lau, Co-founder, CEO, Editor, Forkast.News, Hong Kong, China.
  • Byron Perry, Founder & CEO, Coconuts TV, Coconuts Media. Asia.
  • Jacque Manabat, Senior Multi-Platform Editor, ABS-CBN, The Philippines.
  • Uni Zulfiani Lubis, Editor in Chief, IDN Times Indonesia.
  • Simon Scarr, Deputy Head of Graphics (Visual Journalism), Thomson Reuters.

Program topics include:

  • Future technology explored – The age of XR.
  • Emerging technology, new industry signals and new opportunities beyond journalism & their transformative impact.
  • The opportunities, challenges & implications of new immersive experiences for content providers and audiences in journalism and beyond.
  • Blockchain applications – How does blockchain technology enhance the work of digital journalists?
  • Exploration of new spaces for voice platforms with an R&R approach – New York Times’s case study of such new spaces for digital journalism.
  • Key trends in videos, content and implications & impact of these key journalism trends.
  • How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) shaping the future of Journalism? What does the future of today’s journalist in a landscape which is rapidly being shaped by Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic processing?
  • Bootstrapping a news start-up using technology.
  • Purposeful audience engagements & next-level engagement for news readers – going behind the scenes of audience-first planning strategies for major series and exclusives.
  • LinkedIn brand of journalism – How news publishers can amplify their work through LinkedIn.
  • Staying true to your brand while seeking new audiences.
  • Strategies for better content & audience engagements.
  • News to engage millennial audience & diversity in the upgraded newsroom.
  • A digital-first approach to Hong Kong’s summer of unrest – Case study of SCMP’s editorial, digital and product teams working together in telling one of the biggest stories in Hong Kong’s recent history across a broad range of digital platforms. Key initiatives centred around live coverage tools, social media, video, infographics, podcasts and a deep-dive series of long-form features. 
  • The pivot to voice and voice assisted platforms and podcasting – Case Study by Bloomberg on text-to-voice functionality on the app and website.
  • Anti-Viral: Misinformation, Fake News, and Hoaxes in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, China.
  • Rise of visual journalism – How does trust work in a visual age? Measuring data, visual and information literacy.
  • Visual storytelling – Storytelling with data. Using graphics to bring clarity to complex stories. An inside look at the research, reporting, and production techniques used by the Reuters Graphics desk to deliver these immersive presentations.
  • Turn your audience into storytellers – global movements emerging, and journalists must now listen & curate crowd sourced content from their audience to build a collective voice.
  • Media start-ups: How to make it here in Southeast Asia?
  • Proof versus instinct: Audience insights and the evolution of the digital newsroom.


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