Friday, April 19, 2024

Viz Mosart Unlocks Switcherless Studio Workflows

Vizrt has announced the release of Viz Mosart 5.1, the latest update to its broadcast studio automation solution, unlocking switcher-less workflows through the new Engine Switcher for Viz Mosart. Drawing on the power of Viz Engine, Engine Switcher unlocks the automated production of graphics-centric content and automated scene-based switching without needing a discrete, dedicated switcher.

Through Engine Switcher, entire shows can now be designed as a graphics scene – including video switching – offering simplicity for the journalist by defining show content in the rundown with powerful preset scenes while automating the production with Viz Mosart.

For decades, broadcasters have been forced to bend their studio workflows around a single piece of hardware. Dedicated traditional video switchers consume significant power, space, and specialist expertise – increasingly premium resources.

Inspired by developments made during Vizrt’s recent collaboration with German news broadcaster, WELT, and their vision for modern storytelling, Viz Mosart’s Engine Switcher provides automated control of switching functionality directly in the graphics scene. This unlocks powerful and automated production workflows with scene-based switching, providing unique transition flexibility that cannot be easily achieved with a traditional switcher, including automated SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 source switching, clip playback, transitions, DVEs, and rendering of 3D graphics in an integrated and software-defined solution. NDI® source switching will be supported in a future release.

According to Philipp Kern, Senior Director, WELT, “The best thing we’ve heard is users saying there’s no difference between a real video switcher and the Vizrt [Engine Switcher] software. It’s incredible. The journalists have more direct responsibility for the show, and it gives the day-to-day production more possibilities when putting the show elements together.”

“By controlling the unique switcher capabilities of Viz Engine, we’ve raised Viz Mosart to a new level of efficiency and flexibility for graphics-centric productions. Each show’s entire look and feel can now be defined in the graphics scene, with dynamic video transitions and graphical elements being handled seamlessly as part of the same automated composition,” adds Andy Newton, Senior Product Manager for Viz Mosart, Vizrt.

With Engine Switcher removing the need for a discrete video switcher and unlocking unique switching and transition capabilities, production consistency and quality are increased, while the complexity of the production chain is reduced – keeping setup and running costs under control, reducing environmental impact, and maximizing the operational bandwidth of the production team – without compromising on graphics quality, automation, or video flexibility.

In addition to Engine Switcher, this release introduces HTTPS and FTPS security protocols to further bolster Viz Mosart’s security, adds additional 3rd party device control for routing, audio mixing, and audio playout, and various bugfixes.


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