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Ian Campbell to Spearhead AVC’s New Customer Service Focus

Well-known media and broadcast solutions professional, Ian Campbell, has been promoted to an elevated role as Director of Strategic Accounts this month as part of a company-wide growth strategy at leading broadcast equipment and software company AVC Group.

The move is part of a wider internal company investment plan to not only improve the experience for its customers but to be more responsive to the changes, challenges and growth opportunities the sector is facing.

“Even before Covid, the industry was facing a crisis. Traditional revenue streams were being eroded as audiences started engaging with and consuming different content from a range of different providers and platforms when and where they wanted to,” says AVC CEO, Simon Jackson.

“Then Covid happened, and media, like every other sector, while initially in survival mode has been rapidly reinventing to thrive. This has fast-tracked some of the changes we were planning in our business to improve our service and offering. Getting closer to our customers is a critical aspect of this. Ian brings a combination of deep understanding of the sector, plus a love of technology and customer service to help spearhead this change with a focus on enterprise customers,” adds Jackson.

After an early career in banking, Campbell moved into software solutions for broadcast media finding a natural home, combining his passion for technology and customer service.

Now based in Melbourne, Campbell says that while the industry and its enabling technologies have changed a lot in 30 years, the essence of his role hasn’t.

“It’s all about listening. I think this is an increasingly lost skill and one that is essential as the business becomes more complex, fragmented and challenging.”

Campbell says effective relationship building through-out customer organisations has become even more critical to his work.

“Change means we need to be more attentive and spend more time understanding our customers’ challenges. We need to be a more connected and strategic partner,” explains Campbell.

“Purchase decisions are taking longer and have moved from the realm of engineers right up to C-suite, which makes sense when you consider the large investment broadcasters make in technology and the impact this has on their balance sheet. We have to have the skill to have strategic business conversations with key decision makers; I believe my sector experience, coupled with my leadership and governance expertise enables this,” adds Campbell.

AVC Group customers include well-known media companies in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific, Middle East and India. They range from sophisticated complex Media Groups with multiple station sites and advanced digital delivery systems through to community stations with single studios and very little digital capability.

“It’s a real privilege to contribute to the industry and I am fortunate my new role will give me greater opportunity to work even more strategically with my valued customers.

Campbell’s new role will kick start a recruitment drive for AVC as the company develops a more customer centric model, bringing in more specialist skills to deliver on this aspiration.

Contact Ian Campbell via or on +61 0417 878 014.

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