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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Independent Cinemas Australia Names New CEO

Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) has announced Brett Rosengarten as its new CEO, taking over from previous CEO Adrianne Pecotic who remains as a special advisor to the organisation.

Rosengarten is Director of Films At 42, a theatrical distribution company servicing Australia and New Zealand. His previous roles include: SVP – Client Relations with Second Screen, an NZ start-up business providing a video on demand platform for cinemas; Director of Sales with Village Roadshow; and National Sales Manager with Movielink.

In making the announcement at the ICA 2023 Conference in Adelaide, ICA President Scott Seddon said, “We were ultimately looking for a leader who has passion for the film and exhibition industry. Someone who will be a strong voice for independent cinema sector and someone who has experience and the capability to develop successful strategies to guide our members to great success. I think you will realise, as we have, and you will agree, that we have chosen the best person to be the CEO of ICA now in 2023.”

Commenting on his appointment, Brett Rosengarten, said: “I’m immensely passionate about our industry and I’m honoured to have accepted the role to advocate on behalf of you, the ICA members, going forward. I’ve worked in film for 28 years, both as a major and independent distributor, and I’ve also run my own small business outside of the industry and understand how every business decision you make every day impacts the amount of food that you put on your table at the end of that day. I’ve always put my heart and soul into everything that I do, and while I acknowledge that has been on the other side of the fence in the past, I commit today that I’ll bring that same passion and enthusiasm into representing you, the ICA members, going forward.

“Over the next couple of months, I’m going to do my very best to meet with each and every one of you to understand what your issues are day to day, and what ICA can do to help make your businesses the most successful they possibly can be.”


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