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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Net Insight’s Andersson Returns to APAC

Video transport and media cloud technology provider Net Insight’s former Vice President Sales & Head of APAC, Kenth Andersson, has returned to the Asia-Pacific to once again head up the company’s regional operations from Singapore.

Andersson has moved back to the Lion City to take up the role of Head of APAC. Since late 2020, Andersson has been serving as Net Insight’s Head of Strategic Alliances – M&E Business Development, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to Andersson, “The company is driving the transformation to IP, virtualisation and cloud workflows and has built the market’s most open and cloud-ready media delivery platform for contribution, distribution, live production, high accuracy synchronisation 5G and distributed orchestration.

“The future is IP, cloud and to reduce complexities related to network orchestration – and we open up its benefits at minimal cost!”

Earlier this year, Net Insight announced it had been working with Meinberg, a global leader in time synchronisation, to enhance the company’s synchronisation solution, Precision TimeNet, with a tighter integration of the standard IEEE1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) technology and full PTP interoperability and seamless failover from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Net Insight selected Meinberg’s PTP software stack to implement full PTP functionality in all its platforms.

The Precision TimeNet solution offers a GNSS-independent delivery of high accuracy timing across any IP vendor network, which can significantly reduce the cost and rollout times of 5G and other mission-critical networks.


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