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New NEMBC Committee Members Announced

Following its AGM on the 1 December 2019, Australia’s National Ethinc & Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC) has announced the newly elected members of the NEMBC Executive Committee, as well as its Youth and Women’s Committees.

The NEMBC Executive Committee Members are:

  • Nick Dmyterko, 4EB – President
  • Juan Paolo Legaspi, 5EBI – Vice President
  • Andrew (Fouad) Andrawos, 5EBI – Executive Committee
  • Abdul Ghannoum, 2MFM – Executive Committee
  • Diane Popovich, 6EBA – Executive Committee
  • George Salloum, 3ZZZ – Executive Committee
  • Heinrich Stefanik, 1CMS – Executive Committee
  • Levale Lio, 4EB – Executive Committee
  • Yitai Zhou (Michael), 2TripleO – Executive Committee

Youth Committee members are:

  • Khwezi Nkwanyana, Youth Committee Qld
  • Bunfu Yu, Youth Committee Tas
  • Muurra Sivapalan, Youth Committee ACT
  • Beronya Ganbar, Youth Committee Vic
  • Sasha Parissis, Youth Committee WA

Women’s Committee members are:

  • Edith Muruka, Women’s Committee ACT
  • Irene Tavutavu, Women’s Committee Qld
  • Karito Acuna, Women’s Committee WA
  • Vinaya Rai, Women’s Committee SA
  • Neolani Osueke, Women’s Committee NSW
  • Vanessa Gatica, Women’s Committee Vic
  • Andrea Green, Women’s Committee Tas


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