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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ateliere Connect Clipping Increases Media Supply Efficiencies

Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading developer of media supply chain solutions, has announced a new clipping functionality that enables users to modify titles and their attributes on the fly, making it even easier for Ateliere customers to repackage and accelerate content delivery. The new functionality, which is available within the award-winning Ateliere Connect cloud-native media supply chain platform, leverages time-based metadata for fast clipping turn-around, introducing significant operational efficiencies to media operations.

“In today’s hyper-competitive streaming market, the ability to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right viewers and platforms is key,” states Ryan Kido, Chief Technology Officer, Ateliere. “Ateliere continues to bring innovation to its platforms that give our customers the edge to build engaged subscriber bases. With this new, easy-to-use clipping functionality, Ateliere customers get additional tools in their arsenal to accelerate sales and compliance workflows even further.”

This first release of the Ateliere Connect clipping functionality allows users to set time ranges and save them as time coded metadata markers so that they can quickly and easily extract marked content as a new video file. The ability to segment titles efficiently empowers sales teams to get content to their customers faster, accelerating bulk packaging and delivery operations.

Subsequent releases will include additional features, such as:

Clip Stitching: Users can select multiple markers and merge them into a single new video file, eliminating the need to work with an external video editing application. Putting together highlight packages and collections takes minutes rather than hours.

Metadata-Based Editing: Users can select multiple timecode based markers and quickly generate a single video file excluding those markers. This introduces operational efficiencies in a range of use cases, such as removing all the black scenes that were introduced for ad breaks in a title, or the need to generate picture-to-picture (P2P) content by removing elements such as colour bars, opening/ending credits, etc.

Leveraging Ateliere’s proprietary FrameDNA AI/ML and Deep Analysis tools, it is possible to identify specific video elements such as opening and credits and slates, studio logos, black frames, colour bars and more, automating bulk removal and saving invaluable hours of otherwise manual work.

“Like every new feature we introduce at Ateliere, the new clipping functionality is designed for fast adoption: easy to understand and implement. With the industry currently vulnerable to financial losses, time has become a currency for streaming companies: delivering content quickly and on time saves money and resources and increases reach and monetisation. When every minute counts, the operational efficiencies introduced by Ateliere Connect’s new capabilities ensure smarter media operations,” concludes Carson.


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