Saturday, April 20, 2024

Boris FX Optics Lights Up Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop

The creative team at Boris FX is changing how digital photographers, designers, and bloggers edit photos. Boris FX Optics is now available as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and as a standalone application for macOS and Windows. The Optics toolkit features over 150 filters and thousands of presets designed by VFX industry veterans to correct, enhance, and stylise images with an easy-to-use interface. The affordably-priced plugin can be purchased for only $9/month or $99/year.

“Optics marks the first collaboration between our DFT (Digital Film Tools) and Sapphire product teams – delivering powerful digital photography tools for creative pros,” says Boris Yamnitsky, Boris FX, Founder and CEO. “In addition to the staggering amount of lens filters, film looks, color, and masking tools, we’re thrilled to feature 75 handpicked filters from Sapphire’s high-end VFX suite. Photographers now have access to the same lens flares, glows, and lighting effects used on Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, and music videos. The inclusion of Sapphire’s popular effects inside Photoshop provides a missing bridge between video and print design.”

“Optics is the only Photoshop plugin that specifically simulates optical camera filters with presets based on real-world diffusion filters as well as realistic simulations of film stocks and motion picture lab processes,” notes Marco Paolini, Boris FX, Optics Product Designer. “The interface makes it quick and easy to make creative decisions and GPU acceleration produces responsive results at high resolutions. We’re excited to see the images our customers create using one of the most complete photographic and visual effects software suites available.”

The new toolkit is already grabbing the attention of professional digital photographers. “Boris FX Optics takes digital filters and effects to an exciting new level. It’s simple, seamless, and fun. Open an image and apply almost any filter, net, effect, light, lab, or lens parameter,” states Jon Fauer, ASC. “It’s an excellent standalone or plugin application for pre-vis and post, establishing a look, and experimenting with styles.”


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