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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Boris FX Silhouette Joins the Netflix Post Technology Alliance

Boris FX has announced that its Boris FX Silhouette is now part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.

According to the company, “Silhouette’s participation in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance represents a stamp of approval from the award-winning content platform and production studio. It also highlights the major role rotoscoping and digital paint have in post-production workflows as overall production values soar. Artists working in roto and paint departments are essential in creating the VFX-heavy content audiences have come to expect. Think sci-fi explosions, fantastical backgrounds, and subtle invisible retouching in historical dramas.

“Visual effects artists and post facilities working on Netflix Originals can now rest easy knowing that Boris FX Silhouette officially meets Netflix’s technical and delivery specifications and will do so in the future. The groundbreaking rotoscoping, non-destructive digital paint and compositing standalone application is only the third product to join the Netflix Post Technology Alliance under the “VFX” category — marking a new chapter in the product’s storied history.”

Silhouette’s latest release 2020 features integrated Mocha planar tracking (previously a paid option), new advanced roto tools, new paintbrushes, and a detail separation workflow for easier retouching.


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