Monday, May 20, 2024

Cinedeck cineXplugins and CD2 support Blackmagic

Cinedeck has announced support for Blackmagic Design video technology solutions. This includes integration between Cinedeck’s cineXplugins for insert and edit and Blackmagic Design’s professional editing and post production tool, DaVinci Resolve. In addition, Cinedeck’s software based ingest solution, CD2, has added support for Blackmagic Design’s input/output (IO) cards.

Cinedeck cineXplugins makes it simple and easy for broadcasters and content producers to insert edits into video. Support for DaVinci Resolve means that users can insert edit to their existing DaVinci Resolve NLE workflow. By allowing just the required change to be inserted into DaVinci Resolve, it means that only that portion of file changed needs a QC check. CineXplugins saves production time because there is no need to export the entire file or re-check the entire file for bad pixel or export error.

CD2 shares the same features as the full range of Cinedeck Ingest Servers in a pure software solution. Blackmagic Design’s IO cards are simple to integrate and enable simultaneous capture and playback in all formats. By integrating them with CD2, users can quickly capture and ingest raw footage ready for editing and distribution, without the need for racks of hardware.

Jane Sung, COO, Cinedeck, commented: “Our tools are designed to make ingest workflows quick and efficient, helping our users concentrate on creating great content. Adding support for Resolve to cineXplugins means users can continue to work in their normal editing environment but insert those quick edits seamlessly. Blackmagic’s IO cards are extremely good quality at a realistic price point, which makes them the best choice for CD2.”


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