Thursday, May 23, 2024

CORE Version 7 is Here

Realtime and Immersive Enhancements to Review and Collaboration

  • 3D Model Viewer – You now have the ability to view 3D assets within CORE without having to install any additional software. This allows you to remove friction in your creative approval workflows.
  • VR360 – Supporting both live and VOD, support both images and video in full 360.
  • Dolby Integration – Taking advantage of dolby’s superior auto processing, we now offer video conferencing tools with spatial audio and background noise cancellation.
  • Sync Enhancements – Further enhancements to the realtime media sync tool allowing to sync from any package and control host switching.
  • Live enhancements – Direct integration into unreal.

Improved Workflow Efficiencies and Time to Production

  • Shotgrid Integration – Shotgrid is the backbone of many creative production teams and having an integration allows a fully integrated tool, removing friction for creative teams.
  • Adobe Premier Panel – Creating efficiencies for customers is crucial. With the new Adobe Premier panel, creatives will be able to access CORE assets directly within Premier and streamline ingestion and distribution.
  • Box Integration – Upgraded to now support bidirectional sharing of assets, allowing you to watermark files directly to box and have the replicated down to a users workstation
  • Naming Convention Support – Finally taking advantage of extracting the metadata from a filename to make it more searchable.


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