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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

DejaSoft Unleashes DejaEdit World-Wide for Collaborative Editing

DejaSoft has announced the global launch of DejaEdit – the unique collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis and EditShare workflows.

Already successfully tested and well-established in Scandinavia and parts of Europe, DejaEdit allows editors to transfer media files and timelines automatically and securely to co-workers around the world, without having to be online continuously. DejaEdit effectively acts as a powerful media file synchroniser for multiple remote Avid systems.

The applications and advantages of DejaEdit are vast and include allowing multi-site post facilities to work as one, empowering multiple remote editors to work together, exchanges of media with VFX houses, as well as enabling editors to easily migrate between office and home or mobile-based editing installations throughout the life cycle of an entire project.

Now accessible to all markets across the UK, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, China, Canada and North America, DejaSoft offers a unique solution and attractive software-defined network proposition for sales and service partners in the global market.

DejaEdit is available in two signature applications – Client and Nexus.  The ‘Client’ version works directly with Avid Media Composer, whereas the ‘Nexus’ variant further enables synchronisation with projects stored on Avid Nexis or EditShare storage systems.

DejaEdit has been created by DejaSoft, which is a collaboration between CEO Clas Hakeröd and CTO Nikolai Waldman, both established editors and post-production professionals in their own right, and current founders of boutique post facility CAN Film based in Sweden.

DejaSoft’s CEO Clas Hakeröd stated, “As editors ourselves, we fully understand what post-production editors require in order to work more efficiently. We have worked extremely hard to achieve the status DejaEdit enjoys in our region as a robust and reliable solution. We now feel the time is right to share DejaEdit with the rest of the world and we want editors everywhere to fully enjoy its benefits across the globe.”

CTO of DejaSoft Nikolai Waldman added, “This is an exciting start to the year for DejaSoft and we expect DejaEdit to appeal to many international editors who are looking for an affordable film tool that is both cost-effective and time-saving. The global launch of DejaEdit includes features such as the automatic synchronisation of bins and media and automatic daily backups of a whole AVID Media Composer project. We are confident that DejaEdit will drive substantial future growth, lead into new regions and open up further innovative product development opportunities.’

Award-winning post-production professionals are already using DejaEdit on notable film projects and benefitting by being able to work from practically anywhere in the world, including the most remote areas. A few examples include the likes of Oscar Award-nominated editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE of “The Favourite”, “The Lobster” and recently “Suicide Tourist”. He has worked with DejaEdit on international projects while editing in Greece and said ‘DejaEdit is reliable and makes it easy and fast to edit in parallel – and from a distance.”

Well-known Scandinavian producer and production manager Daniel Lägersten at B.Academy noted that ‘DejaEdit is a game-changer that improves the progress of editing.’ He has produced popular TV series such as ‘Riverside’, ‘The Befallen’ and ‘The Spiral’.

Editor Rickard Krantz used DejaEdit in the ‘The Perfect Patient’ (aka ‘Quick’) which has been nominated for Sweden’s Guldbagge award for Editing, (similar to a BAFTA). “I was working in 3 different countries and 6 locations. Everything was just one button away and I didn’t need to think for a single moment about media, bins and backups. I just loved it.’

Post-production producer Anna Knochenhauer remarked after using DejaEdit on many projects that, ‘You don’t want to go back!’ She is known for her work on ‘Euphoria’ featuring Alicia Vikander; ‘The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’, ‘Lilya 4-Ever’ and ‘Together’.

Other high-profile film projects that have recently involved the use of DejaEdit, include ‘The Inner Circle’ with editors Pierre Laurent and Andreas Hay Johnsson, ‘White Wall’ with editors Sami Heikkilä and Kristofer Nordin; and ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ with editor Darek Hodor, and many more.

With the rollout of DejaEdit’s new version 2.3 for 2020 to coincide with its global expansion, new functionalities in the upcoming development pipeline plan to include ‘Private and Global Bin sharing’ and the implementation of Avid Pro Tools. The launch of DejaEdit is asserting itself as a leading editing solution with a formidable and exciting start to the decade.

Producers and editors can email for a project-tailored quote.


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