Monday, May 27, 2024

Deluxe Launches One Dub, Enabling Remote Audio Cloud Recording

Deluxe Entertainment Services has announced the launch of One Dub, a remote audio cloud recording tool that brings professional, frame-accurate audio recording directly to the web browsers of voice actors, technicians and directors. A module of the Deluxe One platform, One Dub leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology to provide a flexible and seamless experience to creative teams, post-production facilities and dubbing studios as they acclimate to working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With a majority of the industry currently working remotely, we are leveraging cloud innovation to empower our partners to continue cultivating creativity and delivering high-quality work for clients and audiences,” said Chris Reynolds, Deluxe’s SVP and GM, Localization. “Developed in partnership with creatives, technicians, and content owners, One Dub is something we have been refining over the last several months, and with the impact of COVID-19, we quickly mobilized to finalize it for launch to our partners. In addition to providing immediate relief to dubbing studios shifting to remote workflows, One Dub will deliver long-term benefits as a means to extend their operations and physical facilities after they reopen.”

As streaming consumption rises, dubbing studios can leverage One Dub to continue production on content in the pipeline and meet increased OTT demands. One Dub enables teams to remotely work with ultra-secure streaming video playback, on-screen editable scripts and intuitive record/edit functions in industry-standard 24bit/48khz quality. Video files accessible via One Dub are not downloadable through the app and feature user-specific visual and forensic watermarking, along with DRM (Digital Rights Management) for optimum security.

“One Dub is the type of technology we’ve been needing in order to support our remote dubbing work,” said Christian Barzelatt, President of DINT, Doblajes Internacionales dubbing studio. “Having the same type of controls and functions that we use in our studio really supports the remote process.”

Led by Greg Taieb, VP of Product Development for Deluxe One Localization, One Dub is specifically designed to serve the needs of the end users, including voice artists, sound technicians and creative directors. These end users are integral to creating engaging content for international audiences. Existing solutions in the market have struggled to successfully equip voice actors and other creatives with the tools to be able to work collaboratively in a remote environment. Taieb relied on his 20 years of experience in the dubbing industry to create One Dub and address this market need by developing a virtual recording studio in which the roles of directors, recordists and voice talent remain the same to ensure their unique needs are met. The tool does not require any additional software – collaborators receive a secure link that lets them work in a web browser with zero-latency recording.

With the launch of One Dub, Deluxe will offer virtual training sessions to dubbing studios, teaching professionals how to manage the plug-and-play application. This guidance will ensure seamless integration with digital audio workstations and editing applications within existing workflows.


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