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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Digistor Offers Onboarding Package for AWS Thinkbox Cloud Rendering

Digistor has recently developed an ‘onboarding package’, enabling existing on-prem Deadline users to scale onto the cloud using AWS Portal. For customers without an existing on-prem environment, a hybrid can be set up and configured for easy access.

This is an ideal solution for those operating in the areas of visual effects, animation and editing, who would benefit from less time spent on waiting for renders to finish, and would like to utilise Digistor’s extensive experience in deploying and supporting cloud-based workflows.

AWS Portal simplifies the process of launching infrastructure and rendering in the cloud, through bridging an on-prem Deadline environment into the cloud, using AWS EC2 spare capacity (EC2 Spot). It also facilitates secure communication between the on-prem and AWS cloud environments, handling the asset transfers and software licensing.

Digistor’s ‘onboarding package’ enables customers to take advantage of cloud rendering utilising the AWS Portal. Taking customers directly to the cloud by setting up and configuring the AWS cloud environment and communicating with the existing on-prem Deadline environment. Once the cloud environment is configured customers can either choose to maintain the environment or engage Digistor to provide ongoing support via a subscription-based support contract.


Suitable Portal Server (Digistor can quote and supply if needed)

Low-spec on-prem Windows or Linux server, physical or virtual
Could be existing Deadline Server
Existing AWS account

Alternatively, Digistor can host the cloud environment if required and/or configure a new Customer account if necessary.
Reliable internet connectivity with Min 15Mb upload speed

Higher upload speeds will shorten asset upload times and enable render jobs to start sooner in the cloud.
All required licenses for the host application, renderer and all plugin’s

Digistor will help determine license requirements as part of the initial consultation process.
Package Includes
The onboarding package includes everything required to get customers started with bursting into the cloud including:

  • Initial consultation meeting to discuss requirements
  • Preparation of AWS Portal Server
  • Configuration of cloud infrastructure
  • Building custom image if required
  • Establishing communication with the on-prem environment including firewall considerations
  • Basic training and handover documentation


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