Thursday, May 23, 2024

Edit Smarter With Lightworks 2023

LWKS has announced the launch of Lightworks 2023, a major new version of its industry-defining Non-Linear Editing (NLE) platform. With Lightworks 2023, LWKS has significantly improved its free, intermediate, and pro editing experience and reaffirmed its position as a competitive force in the video editing space.

Lightworks 2023 provides Hollywood-level editing, motion graphics, colour correction, and audio tools in a single, integrated platform. With a host of access options to suit any editor, from beginner to professional, Lightworks enables users to produce first-class content that matches both their creative vision and technical requirements.

Following dramatic improvements to the colour management system in 2022, LWKS has added full HDR workflow support to Lightworks 2023, allowing editors to maximise their use of colour and contrast within their projects. Another significant new feature is the Custom Layout Creation toolset. This represents a big step forward in efficiency as users can now create and save custom Lightworks layouts that best serve their editing needs and style. Lightworks 2023 also see’s the addition of Video Mask Effects, greatly improving the ability to work with pre-made effects or to create entirely new ones.

Other essential additions include improvements for keyboard shortcuts, panels, audio tools, video FX, and more. Editors can also enjoy an enhanced UI to elevate their editing experience.

James Richings, LWKS CEO, commented: “Lightworks 2023 is a result of our continued commitment to work with users and respond to their needs by providing an editing experience that serves every step of the editing journey. The technological advancements of our new toolset focus on creative storytelling and allowing Lightworks editors to edit smarter, not harder.”


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