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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

EditShare Announces General Availability of EFS 2020

EditShare, the provider of intelligent storage solutions for media creation and management, has announced the general availability of EFS 2020, powering faster EditShare storage nodes and networks on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations. The media-optimized file system features security improvements at every layer and enhanced performance across the board. In addition to the powerful storage management tools built into EFS, the new RESTful API opens the door for customers and technology partners to automate advanced storage management workflows in a secure environment. Fully compatible with the latest version of Flow, EFS enables media organizations to build extensive collaborative workflows, shielding creative personnel from the underlying technical complexity while equipping technical teams with a comprehensive set of media management tools.

“EFS is a highly scalable architecture that has been designed from the ground up to fuel collaborative media workflows, enabling customers to utilize the creative toolset of their choice. Our latest release continues to expand the open platform with cloud configuration options and advanced RESTful APIs that supports interfacing with other business processes within an organization such as billing systems or infrastructure management,” states Sunil Mudholkar, vice president of product management, EditShare. “Our customers and technology partners can now integrate business logic to automate day-to-day storage operations on the industry’s most performant and secure storage environment with the same great collaborative editorial workflows EditShare is known for.”

A More Secure and Open Foundation On-Premise and In the Cloud

EFS delivers support for cloud workflows including AWS, Tencent Cloud, and others. Combined with its established Access Control List (ACL) capabilities and advanced API, EFS 2020 is a major milestone that gives IT managers and administrators fine grained control over content, folder structures, and content flow, enabling them to better collaborate across multi-site and multi-project operations. Mudholkar explains, “The advanced APIs of the EFS 2020 release support scripting of file permissions changes within ACL media spaces both on-premise and in the cloud. This means our customers can design sophisticated traffic management workflows with media and project permissions controls where multiple locations and thousands of users can connect to the same project, with access to content and assets configurable at the user level. The deep level of control keeps everyone connected so they can collaborate without exposing the entirety of the project content to everyone.”

In addition to a new operating system that includes the very latest security protection, the 2020 release of EFS features file auditing, the first real-time purpose-built content file tracking solution for media workflows. Designed to track all content movement, changes, and deletions, EFS File Auditing, which is a standard component of all systems, provides a complete, user-friendly activity report with a detailed trail back to the end-user answering the important question of “who did what and when.”


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