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Monday, July 15, 2024

FaceCake and RealmFX Bring AI to Visual Effects

FaceCake, the developer of a AI-Driven Augmented Reality Visual Commerce platform, is leveraging its proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine in a strategic partnership with Vancouver-based Visual Effects company RealmFX. The partnership introduces new ways to access, utilise, and maximize VFX tools by harnessing AI and Augmented Reality (AR) to produce cutting-edge visual effects methods for movies, television, and other visual entertainment mediums.

According to FaceCake, its adaptable AI applied to visual effects creates a forum for the integration of AI into Visual Effects. This can unlock capabilities that make the process faster, more accurate, and customisable, with “off the shelf” ease of use. By utilising AI and AR in combination, RealmFX will provide innovative solutions with fewer limitations. This addresses industry standard challenges while implementing new ways of filming, producing and executing visual effects for any scene with better results.

“This is the magic that VFX artists have been waiting for,” said Rony Soussan, RealmFX Co-Founder. “Our collaboration with FaceCake bridges the gap between creatives and AI through easy-to-use tools and accessibility, shifting VFX to the planning stage rather than post production.”

“FaceCake’s AI and AR expertise combined with RealmFX’s extensive experience in visual effects will offer a flexible, highly-realistic solution for art-directed AI, allowing for enhanced creativity while saving valuable time and money,” said Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of FaceCake.

From focused AI-driven effects to crowd generation and high-end facial work, the collaboration places the power of FaceCake’s AI into the hands of professional VFX artists.

Pieter Van Houte, RealmFX Co-Founder, added, “I’ve dreamt of a time when the promise of AI could be truly harnessed as a tool for creativity and by creatives everywhere. Today, dreams become reality.”

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