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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Flanders Scientific Introduces MediaLight Pro2

The MediaLight Pro2 Bias Lighting System was created for directors, editors and colorists who need the highest CRI and the most uniform spectral power distribution in a bias light for their professional displays.

The MediaLight Pro2 is available in 1-6m lengths. Click here to learn which length is best for your monitor.

The Pro2 uses a new class of ColorGrade MPro2 SMD (LED) chips, powered by blue-violet emitters that virtually eliminate LED emitter spike, with an incredible colour rendering index (CRI) of 99 Ra, TLCI 99.7 Qa, and Spectral Similarity Index (SSI) of 88. The flicker-free dimmer operates at 30KHz (30,000Hz versus 220Hz for other MediaLight dimmers – and yes, we do sell the dimmers separately, so that you can add them to your existing setup).

If you haven’t come across SSI before, it’s a comparison of a light source to a reference illuminant; in this case, the CIE standard illuminant D65. It compares the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the light source to the SPD curve for D65. For the sake of comparison, the very accurate MediaLight Mk2, with CRI 98 Ra, has an SSI of 70. As of this writing, the MediaLight Pro2 offers the highest SSI available for a production LED light source.

Most commodity LED lighting systems fall apart in the R9 value which is not included in CRI calculations, but is necessary for the faithful reproduction of skin tones and deep reds. They are often replaced with much more energy-efficient, and cheaper green phosphors, which can result in a greenish colour cast, even when used to illuminate a grey surface, such as is the case with bias lighting.


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