Thursday, April 18, 2024

It’s Arrived – Say Hello to Curator Arrival 3.0

The new version of Curator has ‘arrived’. Say hello to Curator Arrival 3.0!

This release has focused on making remote editing and managing your media even easier. So what’s changed?

  • Search highlighting – the most user-requested feature – to help you better understand your search results.
  • Tool-tip walkthroughs now help new users learn the product and upgrading users to learn what’s changed.
  • The Curator for Adobe Panel now offers a cool sub-clip import function for when you only want to import a section of an asset.
  • An even better Curator Clip Link experience with search highlighting and List View.
  • Easier user account management, including self-service account creation and management.
  • Speed, performance, and user experience enhancements in Curator Connect, making asset ingest even easier, especially for home workers.
  • Oh, and the fact it’s got the word ‘Arrival’ in the name (don’t worry, all will be explained in the blog post).


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